Ensuring Complete and Continuous Anonymity Online

Anonymizer’s personal VPN routes all your traffic through an encrypted tunnel directly from your laptop to our secure and hardened servers and network. We then mask your REAL IP address to ensure that you have complete and continuous anonymity for all your online activities.

Anonymizer Mac and Mobile VPN

How It Works

Anonymizer routes all of your Internet traffic through a highly encrypted tunnel to our secure and hardened servers, which masks your real IP address to ensure complete and continuous anonymity online.

Anonymizer Mac and Mobile VPN

While using Anonymizer, your IP address, physical location and browsing are anonymized, protecting you from:

  • Government Oversight
  • Hackers (IP Sniffing)
  • Unsecured Public Wifi
  • Online Activity
  • Tracking

Features & Benefits

Install and Use with Ease

With a friendly user-interface, Anonymizer runs seamlessly in the background and requires absolutely no technical knowledge to install and use. With one click you're safely browsing online.

Data Theft Protection

Your online activities reveal intimate details about yourself including: banking and credit card information, medical history, passwords, and private communication. Our encrypted private network helps to prevent data and identity theft before it happens.

Use Public WiFi Hotspots Securely

Though convenient, public Wi-Fi networks are often unsecured, creating a breeding ground for eavesdroppers and criminals. Whether you post to Facebook or shop online, Anonymizer allows you to safely connect on Wi-Fi hotspots via our encrypted VPN tunnel.

Surf Sites Discreetly and Anonymously

Criminals, website profilers, employers, and even your ISP can easily track your device’s unique IP address and monitor your online activity. Anonymizer masks your true IP address, ensuring all of your Internet activities remain private and confidential.

Anonymizer Competition Table

See How Anonymizer Stacks Up Against the Competitors

Features & Benefits VyperVPN ExpressVPN Hide My Ass! StrongVPN
Free Trial 14 Days 3 Days 5-7 Days No Free Trial No Free Trial
Credit Card Required for Free Trial No Yes Yes No Free Trial No Free Trial
Money Back Guarantee 45 Days 7 Days 30 Days 30 Days 7 Days
Devices Protected 6 2 1 2 1
Logging No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price $79.99 $99.99 $99.95 $78.66 $100